Tucker Carlson is at his most vulnerable point. Here’s how we finish him off.

Before I begin this article, I’d like to say I hope all the readers of the Palmer Report are alright. I say this because many of said readers may have been exposed to the terror and horrifying reality that is Tucker Carlson’s giggle. He has used it on people twice this week already. I am hopeful that no permanent damage was suffered by anyone from this traumatic event.

So, Tucker’s been on a role, lashing out at the Chauvin verdict, cutting off guests, and of course, cackling in a way that does indeed bring up thoughts of Jeffrey Dahmer. To say it’s been a bad week for the Fox freak is putting it mildly.

So, how do we get this guy off the air? I have seen hundreds of people ask this question lately. I’d say there are three things that can be done. This is a great time to go after the few remaining advertisers the horrific Fox host has left. They are fading quickly, but there are still a few. If ever there was a time to go after them, it’s now.


Just let Tucker screw himself by saying something that will get him kicked off. And make no mistake, there is a strong possibility the racist host will go too far. He is outraged and getting more unstable every day. That is because Democrats are winning, and the little pipsqueak cannot handle it. So, there are ways to push for his cancellation. And I do think that at some point, the Tucker Carlson show will be history.

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