Tucker Carlson goes berserk and throws his own guest off the air

Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson – he of the blankly incredulous countenance – is becoming more unglued by the day. On his show last night, Carlson rudely and openly dissed his own guest on the air.

Former New York City corrections officer Ray Gavin appeared on the Carlson show to discuss the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict in the George Floyd murder case. Carlson and his prior guests had spent much of the show criticizing the jury verdict, claiming that the so-called liberal news media and Democratic politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters had pushed for a finding of guilt, which allegedly influenced the jury.

It’s true that the judge presiding in the case criticized Rep. Waters for speaking out in favor of a guilty verdict before the conclusion of the trial. But it’s hard to believe that the jury considered anything over and above the overwhelming evidence of guilt produced by the prosecution.

Former corrections official Gavin raised the eyebrows of his host by saying that in his opinion, the Chauvin guilty verdict on all counts was justified by the evidence of a brutal police action. Gavin then pulled out a national study on the use of physical restraint by law enforcement and commented that he hoped that every police official in the country would read the report and rethink the use of physical force.


Aging Frat Boy jumped on his guest’s rational remarks in mid-sentence to blather about being more concerned about violent protests and riots than police brutality, emitted a shrill laugh, and abruptly cut off his guest with the parting comment of “Done!” So was I and immediately switched to another channel featuring rational adult commentators.

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