Tucker Carlson completely flips out

Fox Propaganda Network (Fox News) is seemingly unable to control their most deranged host. Tucker Carlson (deeply and frighteningly disturbed-insurrection party-Fox) has done it again.

Carlson has been awful lately, even by his own disgusting standards. From lecturing his viewers about the right to snuggle their chickens to insulting our extraordinary military, Tucker has shown his incompetence so obviously that it seems ludicrous this alien is still on the air.

So, this time it is COVID vaccines that have earned the demented Carlson’s ire. And he went on a rant that stunned seemingly everybody except, of course, for MAGA world.

Tucker doesn’t like that some offices are requiring COVID vaccinations. He doesn’t like it one bit. And he had no qualms about comparing workplace vaccine requirements to “medical Jim Crow.”

Tucker screamed about segregation.”The very same people who just the other day told us that segregation is immoral are now enforcing segregation,” the imp screamed.

So, of course, this nonsensical rant that succeeded in making Tuck look creepier than Norman Bates on his worst day, was noticed. And faster than you could say “deranged,” it was all over the internet. And now, of course, once again people are outraged and calling for Carlson to be fired.

Fox non-news has so far stood by its money-making imp. The thing is, it will not be able to do that forever. Tuck’s advertisers are dropping like flies thanks to good activists who continue to go after them. So there will come the point when it just will not be worth it to Fox anymore to keep the shrieking little psycho in its employment, especially if he continues to lose them advertisers.

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