Tom Cotton can’t even do math

Sometimes, a Republican does something so ridiculous that I am convinced they are not serious about their action and are just desperately seeking attention for some lame reason. Case in point, one Tom Cotton.

The Arkansas Senator is yet another Presidential hopeful. He is also someone very much in need of math tutoring. On Tuesday, Senator Cotton, along with Senator Romney of Utah, introduced some new legislation. This legislation is targeted at raising the minimum wage.

This is an important issue, and one Biden has taken on directly with his proposal of a 15 dollar federal minimum wage. Cotton and Romney think that it is way too much money to pay the good people of this country. In their new legislation, they propose raising the federal minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour.

FYI the current federal wage is $7.25 an hour, which is just pathetic. This increase that Cotton wants to make to $10 is also pathetic.

This legislation will not go anywhere, but it does show that Cotton should never speak of this issue again. Why do I say that? Because the minimum wage in Arkansas is already 11 dollars an hour as of January 1st of this year. Does Cotton not know what his own state’s minimum wage is? Does he want to take a dollar off Arkansas’s minimum wage?

Twitter was quick to react, with many amused people tweeting out math memes to the idiotic Senator. Many tweeters had a great idea which I espouse wholeheartedly. Why not try paying Senator Cotton $10 per hour? If it is good enough for his constituents, it should be good enough for him.

This is just pathetic on Cotton’s part. As for Romney, he should know better as well. Thankfully, the only other thing that needs to be said about this piece of legislation is that it’s dead on arrival.

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