This went horribly wrong for Rand Paul

It’s been a rough couple weeks for Rand Paul (Q-Horse’s Ass). First Dr. Fauci destroyed him to his face. Now a young woman from Kentucky has told Rand to go get fornicated.

It’s not clear what exactly got Ms. Alexis Toon has with the not so good Senator. Popular speculation centers around Rand being a horse’s ass who has made the pandemic so much worse than what it needed to be, even after he himself became infected. Rand is still refusing to get vaccinated even though it’s been shown to increase protection not only for himself but others as well. He’s peddling bad advice to others, which will not do a thing to make the pandemic better. And Rand is also belittling and bullying those who actually know what the hell they’re talking about, like Dr. Fauci and other medical experts.

It’s a bit refreshing to know that Rand’s neighbor isn’t the only one in Kentucky that has issues with him. I hope the rough weeks continue for Rand. I hope there’s enough people in Kentucky that don’t like Rand that they’ll send Mr. Booker to the Senate next year. God knows the people of Kentucky don’t need Senators who are complete idiots like Rand or are trying to sell the country to the former guy’s puppet master. (Looking at you Moscow Mitch McConnell).

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