Sarah Huckabee Sanders just found a whole new way to humiliate herself

Another day, another stupid remark from a Republican. This time, said remark comes from Sarah Huckabee Sanders (scary, insurrection party, Arkansas). So what is it that the walking nightmare of a person said. Well, here’s the thing. It is about the former guy. Does that really surprise anyone?

Sanders has declared that more people are not getting vaccinated because President Biden needs to give the former guy credit for his role in COVID protection. How did this woman ever graduate high school? To make matters even more nauseating, Sanders, in an op-ed I am not linking to, referred to it as “The Trump vaccine.”

Maybe THAT accounts for the torrential downpours that are now becoming daily where I live. The skies are angry. In reality, Sanders is a cretin. I hope I am not too hard on her. If anything, I think I’m letting her off relatively easy.

Sanders goes on and on in the pathetic op-ed. She demands President Biden come out and thank the former guy for a safe Vaccination process.

Sanders is, of course, running for Governor of Arkansas. She is no doubt trying to woo MAGA people. This might work. Arkansas is one of the most conservative states in the country.

It is also a beautiful state with rolling green countryside and glistening lakes. Unfortunately, it also has Sarah Sanders, and it may soon have her as Governor. I hope she loses, but it will be a tough race. I do not expect President Biden to come out on stage to thank the former guy for anything except perhaps for finally getting his orange self out of the White House.

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