This one is turning into a dumpster fire for the Republicans

The 2022 GOP primary to replace retiring senator Rob Portman is already shaping up to be an absolute shitshow for the insurrection party.

The array of candidates is dismal and includes alt-right freaks, former guy sycophants, and liars. Always an excellent way to kick-start a race!

We have Jane Timkin. She is the former state party chair and about as sycophantic as it gets. This is evidenced by a “scorecard” she recently released insisting she backed the former guy more than any of the other candidates. Nice!

We have Josh Mandel. Mandel is a far-right loony. There is reporting that multiple people quit his campaign because of his horrible treatment of various staff members. He also released a video of himself burning a COVID mask. Such policy positions!

In addition, this is Mandel’s third bid for Senate. You know the saying: three strikes and you’re out.

J.D. Vance is a Never-Trumper who is now desperately trying to pretend he LOVES the former guy. He has done this by making Tucker Carlson-style statements, insulting New York City, and frantically trying to scrub all former mentions of how he hates the former guy from his Twitter feed.

Bernie Moreno is a car dealer and huge donor to the GOP whose platform seems to consist of whatever the former guy wants.

Last is Mike Gibbons. Gibbons released a video opining on how great this country is and showing videos of happy Americans everywhere, many of whom were from Russia. You see, some of the video footage was shot in both Russia and Ukraine. Welcome to the race, Mr. Gibbons! You have no chance!

By contrast, we’ve got Tim Ryan – a decent and humble man. If any candidate deserves a donation, it is Ryan.

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