This must be exhausting for them

Liars must lead very exhausting lives. It cannot be fun to be a liar. So much dishonesty. So much spinning! Plus, you have to remember your lies while simultaneously pretending they are not, in fact, lies.

Facial expressions must be honed to perfection. The earnest look. The righteous indignation. The baritone voice, rising and falling with artificial and saccharine platitudes, all the while keeping your brain focused on the specific details of your lie.

It must be exhausting. But that is the only way the alt-right knows. And they are doing it right now with the voter suppression legislation. The latest lying “message” being put out is that this legislation makes voting safer and expands voting rights. Hard to believe, but just another con in the world of dysfunction that is the GOP.

But people are falling for it. When the GOP talks about this legislation, they steer clear of some of the bill’s vilest aspects. Examples are the power they have given the Georgia legislature and the criminalization of giving out food and water to exhausted voters.

Some people do not even seem to know those things are part of the bill. It is not surprising if you stop and think about it. Many people don’t spend their time watching news and consuming information. They may vote in elections, but they do not check the stories and watch the news daily or even weekly.

And now the GOP are trying to fool these people. To do this requires a tremendous amount of toxic energy, mostly spent spinning the facts into an innocuous and untrue story of Republican garbage.

So we as Democrats must make sure we get the message out firmly. We are not liars. But we are up against some very smug liars, and we need to let the people know just how horrible and racist this legislation truly is.

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