This keeps getting uglier for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Yesterday I wondered how long it would take Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds to follow the lead of Florida Governor DeSatan or Texas Governor Abbott in regard to vaccine passports. Well, we have our answer now. Not too damn long. CovidKim has said that she will either issue an executive order or seek legislation from her enablers in the Iowa Legislature barring the requirement of such passports. CovidKim also “believes in the efficiency of the vaccine and will continue to promote the vaccine.” She went on to state that she wouldn’t require Iowans to get the vaccine. Perfect.

As I said since the White House has already stated their opposition to vaccine passports this is little more than another GQP governor throwing red meat to her base rather than any actual concern about Iowans. This is more about pandering to the anti-vax and anti-mask elements of the GQP here in Iowa ahead of next year’s elections. CovidKim has done such a bang-up job already with the pandemic, with the state showing an increase in the number of active cases and deaths from COVID-19. Even in the face of a surge she refuses to do what is necessary to get the disease under control so we can safely resume a more normal lifestyle. If it was up to CovidKim we’d be stuck in this pandemic forever.

Iowa, wake the hell up and clean house both at the Capitol and at Terrace Hill in next year’s election. The future of our state depends on that. CovidKim and her pals in the legislature would rather spend their time spewing wind and bullshit and not governing for all the people of Iowa.

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