This just keeps getting uglier for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Late last summer the Des Moines school continued with 100% remote learning despite Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds trying to stuff the classrooms full as much as possible. The school district tried to come up with acceptable alternatives but CovidKim would have none of it. Now the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners—whose board is comprised of CovidKim appointees—is trying to take District Superintendent Dr. Thomas Ahart’s job away by stripping him of his educational administrator’s license. Not for crimes but because he wouldn’t agree to stuff classrooms full during a pandemic. A pandemic which, by the way, was getting worse here in Iowa at the time.

This shows how Branch Trumpvidians like CovidKim and her legislative enablers cannot stand people with backbones who stand up to them. Like the Orange Florida Man (OFM) they worship, they only like local control when it’s used to oppress minorities. When a school or local government moves to ensure the safety of people CovidKim and her enablers retaliate. In this case by trying to take someone’s livelihood away from them. Just like OFM who retaliated against people who tried to uphold the rule of law in this country.

It’s obvious that the Board is made up of partisan hacks who have no interest in keeping people safe. As Des Moines School Board Chairwoman Dwana Bradley and Vice Chairman Rob Barron said, trying to keep everyone safe during these unprecedented times “should not be met with an attack on Dr. Ahart’s career.” They went on to note it does nothing to benefit those the district serves or move past the pandemic.

That can sum up the entire Branch Trumpvidian government here in Iowa. It does nothing to benefit Iowans or get us past the pandemic. It’s time for it to go.

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