This is just ugly for Laura Ingraham

The state of denialism can be confusing. Sometimes, if a person is deeply entrenched in denial about something that is a fact, their denialism can produce perplexity in others. This is so because the act of denying something that most rational people know is true is bewildering. And that is exactly what Fox News Host Laura Ingraham is currently doing.

Only for Ingraham, there is a strong probability that she does not believe her denialism and is doing it strictly to keep the Trump crowd’s eyes on her television show.

Ingraham, like virtually all the weeknight evening hosts on Troll TV (Fox News), is, in polite terms, not always straightforward with the truth. In less polite terms, she is as loony and pathetic as her friends Tucker and Sean Hannity.

So, Ingraham posted a tweet that showcases denialism at its finest: “We knew the name of the officer who shot Daunte Wright within hours…but why the media yawn about who shot Ashlee [sic] Babbitt?”

I suspect Laura knows the answer to this brainless question but wants to start drama against Democrats. Look, I am deeply sorry for Babbitt’s family. The fact remains she was shot while in the act of illegally breaching the Capitol. Ingraham knows this. It is not rocket science.


It seems Laura has joined her fellow quack hosts over at Troll TV in sedition denial. One cannot compare the case of Daunte Wright, who was murdered for absolutely no reason, to a person who was in the middle of committing sedition. And no matter how hard Laura tries, her “whataboutism” will not help her on this one.

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