President Biden’s plan is working

President Biden’s plans are working. While the economy responds more than favorably, both to Biden’s accomplishments and plans for the future, Democrats are just giddy over the amazing job he is doing. Recent polls show Independent and even Republican support of various parts of Biden’s latest baby, the American Jobs Plan, to be in the percentiles of the sixties and even the seventies.

Jobless claims fell last week to their lowest level of the pandemic, and the latest data on retail sales blew past expectations, boosting confidence even further for a dynamic economic revival. Even as we are unsure of how much longer the pandemic will plague us, it’s unquestionable that both our economy and confidence in our leadership are gaining in momentum.

In fact, if I were to choose one word to describe and explain why President Biden has been so successful, beyond the expectations of most all Americans, including Democrats, that word would be confidence. Confidence that Biden is working hard and leading by example, making most everyone he touches contagiously work just as hard, reviving a much-needed work ethic. Confidence that Biden is more than capable. He knows what he is doing, and has chosen and will continue to choose the best of the best, making his administration even more successful. Confidence that he actually cares about this country, the people in it, and the world at large — always striving to do the right thing. And confidence in his honesty and integrity: he will never let us down and will always tell us the truth.

Those who say it only appears that Biden is doing a fantastic job because of the miseries of the prior administration are not paying attention to Biden’s amazing accomplishments in such a short period of time, under far less than favorable circumstances. But oh, what a relief it is!

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