This is just embarrassing for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Recently the Biden Administration announced that it will carry out civil rights inquiries in states that are blocking local schools from taking preventative measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic – such as requiring masks. Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah are among the states where the Department of Education has advised officials that it will undertake investigations. This is being done on the grounds that it’s discriminates against vulnerable students as schools are being blocked from protecting them.

Of course, how does Iowa Governor Kim “CovidKim” Reynolds respond? By hitting the media circuit and complaining that this is all a political fight being ginned up to distract from President Biden’s “failures” on the border, Afghanistan, and so on. She doesn’t want to talk about how the delta variant is exploding among the unvaccinated here in Iowa, or how some of our hospitals are nearing capacity now because of COVID. She’d rather double down on the same old horse shit she’s been peddling since day one of the pandemic, which is to deny that there is a problem and even if there was Iowans should be “trusted to do the right thing.”

It doesn’t do much good to try to explain to CovidKim that trusting Iowans to do the right thing and taking away the ability of schools to protect students and teachers has done squat here in Iowa. It is so frustrating to see our Branch Trumpvidian Governor and Legislature refuse to take measures to contain the pandemic, and actively work to stop others from doing so. She needs to be invited to find a new job come January, 2023.

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