The Rand Paul clown show crashes and burns


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What is going on with Rand and Ron? I refer to a couple of our nation’s worst “leaders.” There is number one — Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. And number two — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Apparently, R&R are fiercely fighting for the right of humans everywhere to take horse dewormer. I suppose it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. After all, Republicans have politicized everything else — why not animal medication?

Rand Paul is now saying that “hatred of” the former guy is to blame for the lack of studies of Ivermectin. No, it’s not Rand. The fact is the FDA had to put out a statement TELLING people they’re not horses and cows. Perhaps you think you are?

Don’t get me started on Ron Johnson, who has latched into so many conspiracy theories. I would not be surprised if he announced little aliens were living behind his ears. This would explain so much.

The fact is this drug should not be taken for COVID, and anyone who says otherwise is either delusional or lying to you.

So far, the right to consume horse dewormers hasn’t spread to many other republicans, but I predict that will change.


Why? Because the GOP isn’t a party anymore — it’s a cult, and no doubt if the former guy tells them to talk about Ivermectin, they will. In the meantime, sane people like us will continue to at least try to make people aware that they are indeed human, and horse and cow anti-parasite medication is not meant for them.


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