This is just embarrassing for Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

While idiots like DeSantis and Abbott have been in the news quite a bit lately, Iowa’s Kim “#CovidKim” Reynolds is continuing in her quest to be the nation’s 50th best governor. Recently she had a closed-door meeting in the Linn-Mar school district the media was not allowed access to. Only one school board member was invited to the event. He claimed he didn’t know why he was invited or what logic CovidKim used to select people to invite but kept the invitation secret from the rest of the board. The rest of the school board was not informed about the meeting and only found out about it from the news media after the event took place.

CovidKim said the meeting was about school vouchers, but instead the meeting was mainly people complaining about the fact that the Linn-Mar school district established new transgender policies to support such students in 7th grade and higher. The meeting was apparently full of individuals who don’t want to treat others who are different with decency and respect.

Typical. And so corrupt. CovidKim and her GQP buddies don’t want to hear any opposing views, so they have secret closed door bund meetings. They want to pretend that the Iowa that doesn’t look at her and the GQP as the greatest thing since sliced bread don’t even exist. And they want to take away all the progress of the last half century. CovidKim and the Iowa GQP are competing with states like Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and Mississippi to see which state can be the worst GQP hellhole.

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