Tucker Carlson gets the finger


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The beauty of Helen of Troy is legendary. Her image is known as “the face that launched a thousand ships.” It is a fitting title for such a woman as she. I’d also like to propose a title. It is for Fox non-news non-host Tucker Carlson.

And that title would be: “The face that launched a thousand memes” — Twitter memes more precisely. Carlson is unhappy that women are rising up and demanding to be heard. He is not happy that Democrats are energized. And he is ESPECIALLY not happy with Democratic protests.

Carlson attempted to convince his audience that there was a “mob” surrounding Justice Alito’s home. Of course, there weren’t. In reality, there were some calm and peaceful protesters. But you know Tucker when he wants to trick his viewers — he goes to any lengths imaginable.
But it backfired on him. So Carlson solemnly told his viewers he was about to show them pictures of this raging mob. The pictures were then shown – only there WAS no mob.

However, what there WERE were some kindly-looking people standing around, one of whom was speaking. And the one who was speaking decided to raise her middle finger. That is when Tuckems went ballistic.

“Ah!!” That’s Tucker having a meltdown — from the middle finger. “Let’s turn that off,” he yelled. “Too much,” he mumbled. Wait — a finger was too much? A FINGER? Surely you jest, Tucker. Sadly the answer to that riddle is no: Tucker does not do “jesting.”

However, something positive did come out of this. Twitter was blissful with joy. Faster than one can say “snowflake,” a thousand memes were launched — likely much more than one thousand.


And none of them were flattering to the finger-phobic Tuckems. So, sadly Tucker’s stunt hit a brick wall. His face, however, will now be known as having lit up Twitter with memes — lots of memes — hilarious memes — which may be going on even as I write this.



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