This is just embarrassing

I have written the story of Icarus several times in my writings. The story fascinates me frankly, and stands as a deeply cautionary tale of what can happen when ego and hubris take over one’s consciousness. It is happening more and more, and what has just taken place in Georgia only confirms my worries that certain people are beyond help. So this story is about the lawsuit loser, another great name picked out by a creative Palmer Report reader.

Apparently somebody in Georgia, or perhaps several people really adore the lawsuit loser. And they want to show everybody just how much and how deeply their love for the loser goes. Per Newsweek, a billboard has appeared in the state of Georgia comparing the lawsuit loser to Jesus. Once again folks, you just can’t make this shit up.

The billboard references a Bible quote which I am not going to repeat in this article because I do not believe any Bible quote should go along with an article about the lawsuit loser.

The county this billboard has appeared in, is part of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district which really does help explain a few things. It is my sincere hope that this billboard comes down soon. If you live in the state of Georgia feel free to complain about it. What have you got to lose?

This also shows that the insurrectionists and their fascination with the lawsuit loser are far from over. His popularity numbers are plunging, but we still have to deal with the small percentage of lunatics who for some inexplicable reason do not seem to ever want to leave him in the past where he belongs.

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