This is idiotic, even for Ted Cruz

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Foppish twit Tucker Carlson has decided it’s a bad idea for women to serve in the military. The man who ostentatiously used to wear bow ties (the sartorial equivalent of a “kick me” sign) declares that flight suits for pregnant women is not a good look.
The Pentagon naturally pushed back on Carlson’s tirade, highlighting the critical and exemplary service by women in the military. This offended Carlson, who expected them to roll over in the face of one of his patented verbal assaults.

Manly Ted “Look at My Beard!” Cruz decided to throw in with Tucker. He sent a letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding that the Commandant of the Marine Corps meet with Cruz in person to explain why Pentagon officials were defending official military policy with respect to women service members instead of immediately surrendering to Carlson’s personal whims.

Cruz said “This spectacle risks politicizing the military after several centuries of efforts to keep military officials out of domestic affairs. . . and the perception that military leaders are happily weaponizing the institution against political critics of the sitting administration. This kind of behavior, while perhaps typical in a military-controlled Third World country, is completely unacceptable in the United States of America.”

Once again (as with his questioning of Merrick Garland about weaponizing the DOJ to promote the President’s personal interests), Cruz seems to have total amnesia concerning Trump’s actual abuse of federal departments for his own personal aims.

Disgraced former White House doctor Ronny “President Trump is a Svelte 239 Pounds” Jackson, a man with a documented history of sexually harassing subordinates, decided it would be good to jump in on the wrong side as well, by making the absurd claim that the DOD response represented “the Biden Administration’s decision to weaponize the nonpartisan DoD for this [inappropriate] purpose.”

I’ve been searching for Cruz’s and Jackson’s rebukes of Trump for using troops to teargas and clear away peaceful civilian demonstrators from Lafayette Park to make way for Trump’s infamous Bible-holding campaign photo op. Haven’t found them yet. Maybe they’re in the same file as their objections to Trump abusing the pardon process to reward his henchmen Paul Manafort and Roger Stone for not flipping on him.

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