Majorie Taylor Greene just completely humiliated herself

I love Guam. No, I have never been there (although it is on my bucket list.) With its gorgeous scenery, it is a place I want to see. I have been to many states but not yet to the United States territory of Guam.

And Guam is a territory, although certain Republican folk like one Marjorie Taylor Greene appear not to know that. And Guam wants to make sure she does know that. Like I said..I love Guam!

So, this amusing story started when Greene, in what has now become a regular thing, was ranting about nothing in particular. But she did manage to embarrass herself when she complained The United States was sending too much aid to foreign nations …including Guam. Sigh.

Guam is indeed part of this great country. Guam’s citizens are AMERICANS from the time they are born. It’s one of several territories within the United States. The others are American Samoa, Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Of course, Greene was wrong. But the story does not end there. The delegate from Guam, one Michael San Nicolas, decided to do something about Greene’s lack of knowledge. So he visited her at her office in DC. San Nicolas brought along some Guam National Guard members and brought along…wait for it…cookies! Delicious island cookies fresh from Guam. Did I say I love Guam?

San Nicolas wanted to introduce himself to the clueless Congresswoman. Unfortunately, she was not in her office at the time. (most likely posting yet another hateful tweet..who knows?)

I hope Greene and her staff enjoyed the cookies, which looked yummy, by the way. I also hope she takes a History lesson. Shout out to Guam: we could not be any prouder to have you as part of our great country!