This is falling apart for Donald Trump

Like many of you, I am listening closely to the defense lawyers arguing the fact that Trump did not incite a “resurrection.” Yes, you read that right. Trump’s attorneys started the day’s activities by saying they would prove that Trump did not incite a resurrection.

Note to Trump attorneys. Kind of hard to take you seriously when you make such a disastrous start as that. Moving away from the resurrection arguments, the righteous attorneys offered their take on who the people are who caused the violence at the Capital.

According to the defense, these people are Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and all of the Democrats in general. One wonders if the attorneys will next move on to blame Hillary Clinton’s emails. I mean, why wouldn’t they?

They seem to want to blame everyone but their client, whom they describe as a pleasant peace-loving man. Now, anyone who knows the first thing about Trump knows he is anything but that. He is a violent and dishonest conman, as most know.

Now, of course, we move on to the George Floyd protests. Does anyone with a brain seriously think the Democrats were not deeply upset by the burning and the looting?

Do people remember Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the incredible speech she gave, calling for the rioters to “go home?” I certainly remember this.

Trump’s lawyers are a joke. But they are providing precisely the sleazy and false narrative that we knew they would. It doesn’t matter. Donald Trump has been impeached twice, and even if he is acquitted, we all know who was the inciter of the terrible events on January 6.

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