Trump’s impeachment lawyers are somehow doing even worse today

Yesterday Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump’s inept impeachment lawyers wouldn’t be able to do anything to help his case during their defense presentation today. We wondered if they would simply try a low-key approach to avoid making things even worse, or if they’d aggressively put on a terrible defense and indeed make things worse.

Now we have our answer. Thus far today Trump’s bumbling lawyers have insisted that Trump can’t be guilty because people like Elizabeth Warren and Madonna have also said things in the past. That’s right, Madonna. At another point, Bruce Castor – the idiot lawyer Trump reportedly wanted to fire but didn’t have the guts to – made a point of admitting that he didn’t know if he was under oath. No, really. His exact words were “I don’t know if we’re under oath here.”


While this defense presentation is somewhere between only watchable for the unintentional humor, and unwatchable entirely, it’s still worth paying attention to, if only for one reason. This is the same defense that Donald Trump’s lawyers will use when he’s inevitably on criminal trial for this.

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