This is deranged, even for Tucker Carlson

The Atlanta shootings that took place last week are a human tragedy. Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families. Yet, one person is deeply concerned about another aspect of this horrific case which he claims is being ignored. And that person, of course, is one Tucker Carlson.

There does not seem to be any end in sight for the madness of the crazed Fox host. He will do anything he can to prove the false narrative that Racism does not exist. Tucker was outraged by the shootings. But not for the reasons all of us are. Tucker insists these shootings have nothing to do with race. Terrible Tucker says we need a serious question answered. Per Carlson: “Why is there so much prostitution in Atlanta?”

He really asked that question. It is enraging, but it also shows his ignorance and complete lack of empathy. We have no evidence that these women were sex workers, and even if they were, who gives a damn?

Second, I believe these shootings were race-motivated. Georgia is a state that has a high Asian population, particularly Koreans. Atlanta is filled with Massage parlors. And there are plenty of non-Asian ones. How do I know this? Because I have been to the Atlanta area and I have seen them.

Tucker seems to be taking the word of a sociopathic maniac and treating it as gospel. He refuses to acknowledge any Racism toward any one group because he’d have to admit he is part of the problem if he did. And for this little troll, that absolutely cannot happen. These are tragedies, and racism has become worse, no doubt because of the former Insurrectionist in Chief. We cannot let idiots like Tucker hijack the narrative.

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