This is a scam

Some feel it’s impolite to tell others how to vote. I feel it’s irresponsible not to warn people that they are being scammed.

Recently a very convincing scammer almost succeeded in stealing $1,000 from a family member for a fake debt that seemed legitimate. The scam was impressive. They called several family members and sent us to the California Secretary of State website to look up their company. They must have access to personal credit reports because the debt seemed vaguely familiar to my family member. But with just a little investigating, I found that the “debt collectors” were a foreign company, so I filed a complaint, and the company has now been flagged.

The California Governor Recall is another scam. Republicans are horrible at making policy to help their constituents, but they are professionals at exploiting weaknesses in the system to rip off voters, in this case, an archaic California recall system enacted in 1911. Republicans began this recall because they have a better chance of winning this way than in 2022. The signatures required to initiate the recall were gained through a massive GOP smear campaign against Gavin Newsom.

But Governor Newsom is popular. His impressive achievements in California include halting new fracking, phasing out fossil fuels, prohibiting pesticide use, expanding Medi-Cal for undocumented residents, boosting Obamacare subsidies, enacting rent control, banning evictions during COVID, turning hotels into housing, maintaining one of the highest COVID inoculation rates, coordinating a massive acquisition of PPE, imposing a moratorium on death row executions, putting limits on police use of force, closing two prisons, pushing the largest economic stimulus ever, expanding anti-poverty programs, and extending rent and utility debt relief, among others.

This GOP Recall scam is dangerous. It requires Newsom to get over 50% NO votes to remain governor. If the NO vote fails and he is recalled, 46 candidates are listed, but not Newsom. The candidate with the most votes would become governor. Currently an extreme right-wing Trump supporter, Larry Elder, who is under investigation and allegedly brandished a gun at his former fiancée, is in first place with 23% of the vote.

So, go to the polls on September 14th, or mail in your ballot now. VOTE NO on the recall, then leave the second question BLANK. Writing in Newsom will not be counted.


By the way, if the firm Associates of A&A, LLC contacts you and your family about an old debt, do not pay them. Report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You’re welcome.

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