They can’t be this stupid

They can’t be this stupid. Think about it. Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxxers, COVID-iots, etc. They can’t all be so stupid. What is being asked of us all is prescribed by experts from pertinent disciplines; immunology, virology, infectious disease and the like. That prescription is meant to prevent disease and death by that disease.

What’s being asked of us is that we take very simple precautions; wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance, get your jabs. What’s being asked of us is that we preserve our own life and the lives of our own. Refusing to comply with the recommendations of medical experts is not a just an ignorant choice.

It is something more than ignorance. It is something that over-rides the inherent compunction to save one’s own life. That’s not just stupidity or a horrific failure of sound judgment. That’s insanity.

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