Donald Trump’s numbers are falling

As Palmer Report predicted, the popularity ratings for the sewer king are plunging downward! Yes, this article is about the former guy and sewer king, but I will be using multiple nicknames suggested by creative Palmer Report readers. So, more evidence supports the theory that the orange tumor is becoming but a distant memory.

In recent polling, asked whether the GOP has a better chance of winning the coveted Presidency with Donald Bin Lying back on the ticket as the nominee. The vote was nearly evenly split among the insurrection party. This poll by CNN reported the results were that 51% think having Benedict Orange on the ticket would help them in their quest to win, and 49% say the GOP would do better with someone else. Uh-oh.

These results really are not all that surprising. Palmer Report long ago predicted this drop, and now it is happening. This poll likely will not please Don the Con, but that’s just too bad. There isn’t much he can do about it.

I stand by the theory that the 2024 Presidential nominee will be someone we are not even talking about now. That is usually — though not always — how things tend to go, and frankly, I have absolutely no idea who the nominee will be.

But hopefully, you are a bit reassured that it will not be the soon-to-be jailed MOTUS — Moron of the United States. (Good one.) MOTUS might have the ability to become President of his cell block or chief liar, but his Presidential days are long behind him.

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