These loons are leaving us with no choice

Freedom is a funny thing. When people have it, they often make ‘bad choices.’ Then they lose the right to that ‘freedom of choice.’

Here are a few – we developed seat belts for cars and there was a time when you had the ‘freedom’ to choose to wear one or not. Then it became obvious that the only way to assure fewer deaths from auto accidents with people wearing seat belts, was to require seat belts to be worn, and it was done.

The Surgeon General warning on cigarette packages wasn’t enough to fully curtail smoking and people still have the ‘freedom to smoke’ but they can’t smoke indoors and through ‘second hand’ smoke endanger the health of others. Their ‘freedom of choice’ on where to smoke was dramatically curtailed.

Now, the government has enabled the COVID vaccine to be readily available, at no cost. It has provided individuals with the best way to minimize their likelihood of severe illness and death. The ‘freedom to choose’ to make a good decision has been right there, but too many have made bad choices. Then when their bad choice leads to illness and a near death experience they plead with doctors for the vaccine – but it won’t help by then. So now we get closer to ‘vaccine mandates/requirements’ to keep people healthy. The unvaccinated have caused an incredible rise in COVID cases recently and their ‘bad choices’ will certainly lead to some ‘freedom limitations’ or downright vaccine requirements.

Required vaccinations eliminated smallpox and polio. Requiring vaccinations for COVID 19 could do the same. Having the ‘freedom’ of choice is difficult; it comes with responsibility; when the wrong choice is made, the freedom to choose can be taken away for the ‘greater good.’

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