New ugliness for Matt Gaetz’s pal Joel Greenberg

Last month federal prosecutors let it be known that they were looking to indict Matt Gaetz sometime in July. Given today’s date, the clock is certainly ticking on that front. The only recent related news was the revelation earlier this month that Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg was granted a sentencing delay so he could get credit for all the cooperation he’s been providing. So if Gaetz’s arrest is delayed a bit beyond the July timeframe, it would most likely be because Greenberg gave prosecutors so much to work with.

But now there’s additional Joel Greenberg news, and it’s pretty ugly. The South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper is reporting that while Greenberg was in office, he used his position to look up the personal information of “hundreds” of people. It’s not yet clear whose information he was looking up. But given that he’s confessed to crimes including underage sex trafficking, it’s doubtful those records searches were wholesome in nature.

Given the long, heinous, and still-lengthening list of crimes committed by Joel Greenberg, it’s no wonder he’s so eager to cooperate with prosecutors, and to get credit for that cooperation. If Matt Gaetz did the things he’s accused of, there’s no question he’ll go down for it.

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