There will be nothing left of Donald Trump after this

Trump was a wannabe mob boss long before becoming a wannabe tyrant, running his business like an organized crime operation with RICO written all over it, so it’s not surprising prosecutors are approaching Trump’s enterprise much the same as they would the mob — slowly and methodically. While both his mob-boss and tyrant aspirations were miserable failures, he achieved just enough success to cost us dearly, causing an extraordinary amount of damage and destruction – the true cause of his inevitable downfall. Yet, Trump’s grift continues with an “innocence” tour, crying “witch hunt” while simultaneously stoking the fire in his weakened state, desperate for his damage and destruction to continue unpunished.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this. We’ve paid dearly for our seats, and deserve some fun and games at the expense of Trump and his goons of has-beens, analyzing and judging their wickedness, cheering on the prosecutors aimed at bringing them down, and placing bets on how it will all play out.

Some of Trump’s biggest grifter achievements were his ability to normalize lies and criminal behavior, and demand loyalty while showing none, despite common knowledge of his numerous victims. So, it’s fitting for the first indictment to simply show how he likely started achieving this. Compensating his employees with fancy apartments, cars, cash, jobs for their family, etc. is about much more than avoiding taxes — it’s control. They are instantly complicit in his crimes, so why not lie, cover up, and falsify some more records?

Trump makes them feel privileged to live in his fantasy world of riches and success. So what if he’s a grifter who never pays his bills and lawsuits abound — he can always justify everything. If they have second thoughts or decide they want out, not only do they have to find a job with significantly higher compensation (since they would have to declare it all) but also a new place to live, transportation, and coordinate finding jobs for family, not to mention looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life. In the best case scenario, they’d be forced to testify in numerous proceedings, risking perjury and racking up legal fees. It becomes an impossible situation, so the fantasy becomes reality. They stayed — until they were no longer useful or became a liability. When Trump turned on them, they were not just slammed ‘back’ into reality, but into a harsher reality than they’d ever known. It will take time for some to realize that’s all over now.


In the end there will likely be nothing left of Trump but a shared historical chapter of hard lessons learned from all those disgraced in his infamy, ironically marking a huge wake-up call and turning point in American history to an amazingly beneficial and progressive era with extraordinary leaders and accomplishments — not making America great again, but greater than ever.

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