Hypocritical Republicans are ringing hollow

Republicans oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory, but actively promote and practice Hypocritical Patriots Theory. They routinely question the patriotism of Democrats and progressives who try to improve America so it actually begins to live up to the principles upon which our country was founded, but which have never been achieved. Paradoxically, Republicans claim those who want to improve America somehow “hate America,” while at the same proclaiming that they want to make America great again.
GOP apparatchiks like to parade and preen with flags and flag lapel pins, and over-the-top displays of “respecting the Anthem,” while engaging in behavior — including Congressional votes — that undermine fundamental American principles like voting rights and protecting an important working symbol of democracy, the Capitol itself.

As Republicans pose as America’s only true patriots, a disproportionate number of their supporters have a disturbing penchant for displaying the flag of the Confederacy, which took up arms against the USA to separate itself from our country. Republican officials also celebrate the Fourth of July differently than normal Americans. Only three years ago, seven Republican Senators and a Member of the House of Representatives thought the best way to commemorate America’s Independence was to visit Moscow to meet with Russian leaders.

More recently, many Republicans actively promoted, supported, or excused the January 6 Capitol Insurrection, an attempt to stop a fundamental function of our democracy related to the peaceful transfer of power after a free and fair election. Many of them, including Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Gym Jordan, and Tommy Tuberville thought it would be a good idea to tweet out Fourth of July sentiments this weekend, to show how patriotic they are. Although barbecuing on the Fourth is a longstanding American tradition, many patriotic Americans took time out from their grilling to roast these hypocrites, as well as Kevin McCarthy and Marco Rubio, whose hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness are becoming legendary.


True American patriotism means actively working to promote American democracy, not taking concrete steps to undermine it. Empty gestures by traitorous Republicans to appear patriotic thus ring pathetically hollow.

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