The real reason the Manhattan DA is going after the Trump Organization first

It’s all part of the same giant, criminal clockwork; Fruity Rudy Ghouliani has been stripped of his law license in the state of New York. The clockwork is, of course, the lifelong criminality of Donald J Trump, which included the maladministration of the United States and culminated in a failed insurrection.

Like clockwork, the wheels and gears of justice are in motion. That comes as a relief for who would see justice done.

It can be expected that indictments against the Trump Organization and its officers will come down this week. That the first tranche of indictments would come down against the Trump organization has been cited as exceedingly odd. There is undoubtedly a reason why the Manhattan district attorney chose this course of action; going after the business dealings of the Former Guy.

The reason is money. First, the trail left by financial dealings is one that is meticulous. Crimes such as bank fraud, tax fraud, tax avoidance and money-laundering are well-documented. The prosecution for crimes such as these is generally straight-forward, requiring no witnesses to testify regarding the crimes. ‘Open and shut’ is an apt summation.

Next, the intent of the Manhattan DA might be to cut the knees out from the Donald. Trump’s M. O. is to ‘lawyer’ you to death; drag things out in court and force the defendant to fight for a Pyrrhic victory at best.

If all that Trump owns is tied up in court, then Donald – who is perennially cash-strapped – would be unable to play his usual game of musical chairs with consecutive law firms. He won’t have the wherewithal to drag out the case in court. Attacking Trump’s business removes that favored bolt from Trump’s quiver. Trump is done, but it must still play out. Watching it will be a pleasure.

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