Donald Trump and his family don’t stand a chance

The looming criminal indictment of the Trump Organization is going to be a multi-layered Enron-type prosecution. RICO will no doubt come into play as the conspiracy grows upon who knew what and when did they know it. Ivanka and Trump Jr. are going to prove to be the fall guys for their father. Their fingerprints are all over the Trump Organization.
We also expect there to be surprises.

People who aren’t familiar with Federal criminal charges lawyer up and think they’ll have an OJ type of trial whereby some sort of snag will bring them a not guilty plea. In Federal financial crimes, this is almost never the case. The Feds get their convictions over 95% of the time because if those charged don’t take a plea the true peril is going through trial. Federal Mandatory Minimums and Sentencing Guidelines can take a 37-month plea and by the end of trial the convicted have 20 years. And Federal sentences also do not come with parole so they will be doing most of that time at a prison.

But the thing about Weisselberg and Ivanka and the rest of these egotistical morons is that they will all go to trial. Every one of them thinks they are smarter than Cy Vance and they will test it to the fullest. The fact that Weisselberg appears yet to have flipped means they all will hang tight. But financial crimes don’t have an “If it doesn’t fit, acquit,” moment. It’s pretty cut and dried. These are some of the cleanest, quickest prosecutions. It’s a greater than 95% chance most, if not all, of the higher ups involved in the Trump Organization will do time. But these narcissistic morons don’t see that while they’re funneling fortunes to their grifting lawyers.


The lawyers will rake in heavenly fees, Trump & Co. will do lots of time, and then other charges for their criminal behaviors will start stacking up on them while they’re cooling their heels in the Federal Pen. The Trumps will soon long for the Apprentice days before they got into politics because they’ll be having an apprentice for sure now. Only it will be a Sorcerer’s Apprentice hauling buckets of charges.

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