The inmates are running the asylum

The inmates have escaped and are now rampant and running the asylum. This week’s CPAC was a festering ground for hate as hundreds of insurrection deniers descended on the conference in a frenzy.

While the bedlam at CPAC was occurring, Fox Non News host Maria Bartiromo interviewed the head of the lunacy, the smoldering sad sack known as the former guy. Bartiromo, who would make the Guardians in “The Handmaid’s Tale” proud, beamingly referred to Ashli Babbitt as a “wonderful woman.”

The former guy reminisced fondly about the terrors of January 6. “There was such love at the rally,” America’s former President and human monster, said lovingly.

Mike Lindell, Owner of Mypillow and also a nutter, promised the former guy and monster, would be restored to power in August of this year. He said the Supreme Court would make it happen.

All over the country, the inmates, let loose from their tentacles, ran amok, squealing much like George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” pigs, as they illogically and furiously made up one lie after another.

Crowds of indoctrinated supporters joyously posted all over Twitter that their guy was back! He was not though and never would be.


Nothing had succeeded in breaking their spell. Power had washed away the sensibilities of the adults in the room. Hard-at-work conversion and influence had turned the cult members from zombies into frenzied believers. As we watched all this, one quote rose to our minds, refusing to leave. It was from William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: “Maybe there is a beast….maybe it’s only us.”

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