The fall of Ron DeSantis

Well, well, well. The fall of psychotic Governor DeSantis has taken on a life of its own. Maybe that is because he’s showing he doesn’t give a damn about his constituents. But it is more than that. Ron the ridiculous, is also an active participant in the pain of Floridians.

Millions of dollars in food aid are going unclaimed because the Governor, for some sadistic reason, will not seek the aid. Do the people of Florida understand this? Do they even know that their Governor — and I use that term loosely — has not sought this money? Why, Ron? Why will you not seek this federal aide? Much of it is for the children.

THE CHILDREN Ron. Why are you ignoring them? The people demand answers. Nikki Fried, who is basically as good as running the state now, is pleading with people to demand Ron seek this aid.

Fried is also running to unseat this clown in 2022. Since she is basically doing his job for him, I wish the election was tomorrow. But it is not. So please great people of Florida — hold your Governor accountable.


What he’s doing is unforgivable. The polls do reflect this as his numbers continue to plunge downward. Please let him know that you’re fed up, and demand he seek the millions of dollars in federal aid that are literally languishing because of the Governor’s incompetence.

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