Follow the money: new trouble for Matt Gaetz

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Matt Gaetz keeps tweeting about how he’s been “exonerated” by federal criminal investigators, but no such thing has happened. Last month ABC News and other sources reported that the only reason Gaetz hasn’t been indicted yet is that his former associate Joel Greenberg provided too much evidence, and that it’s taking time to work through it all. Now Gaetz has new trouble.

In the final days of Donald Trump’s presidency, Matt Gaetz donated $100,000 to Trump’s legal defense, according to a new report from the Daily Beast. This on its own isn’t illegal, just highly suspicious. But you have to look at what else was going on during that timeframe.

There have been numerous reports that Matt Gaetz knew he was under federal criminal investigation for sex trafficking and other matters, and that he sought a pardon from Trump in the final days of Trump’s presidency. Gaetz and Trump have both denied this happened. But if it is true, it would mean that Gaetz made a six figure donation to Trump even as he was asking Trump for a pardon.

If this was some kind of attempt at a quid pro quo, then Matt Gaetz is looking at even more legal trouble. No wonder he’s resorting to panic moves such as falsely claiming he’s been exonerated. It seems increasingly unlikely that any of this will end well for him.

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