The downfall of the Republican Party

If at least 17 Republican U.S. Senators will place the country above party and vote to convict Trump, they will be sending a clear signal to America and the world that the GOP is mostly a craven and sorry lot of spineless losers, and are complicit with Trump in his high crime of insurrection. It will also drive another nail into the coffin under construction for burying the remains of the Republican Party.

The GOP is dramatically losing membership. Recent reports show that in three swing states, GOP voters have renounced their party registration and have declared as independent, or actually switched to the Democratic Party. According to NBC News, as of last Sunday in North Carolina, almost 8,000 GOP voters have left the party.

In Arizona, that number is over 10,000. In Pennsylvania, over 12,400 GOP voters have defected. An analysis of January voting records by The New York Times found that nearly 140,000 Republicans had quit the party in 25 states.

This definitely is a clear trend. In recent national polls, a majority of all U.S. voters find Trump to bear a large share of the responsibility for the January 6 Capitol mob riot and do not want to see Trump run again for office.

The Democratic House members’ case against Trump appears to be very strong. He not only attempted to incite the overthrow of the federal government, but also all 50 state governments that sent properly counted and tabulated vote results to the Congress for final approval.


I predict that the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s guilt will set the majority of public opinion against any Republican senator craven enough to vote for acquitting Trump. This will erode support for the GOP and result in more defections from their ranks. The Republican Party will become a hollow shell mainly populated by racists, kooks, and violent insurrectionists.

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