GOP throws a tantrum as President Joe Biden rejoins Paris Climate Accord

The QAnon party is very bad at prioritizing. That happens when there are no guiding morals in a party, and it happens when whiteness is a party’s primary platform. When unhinged and puerile people like Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are the face of a party, we know no good can come of the entity. We have myriad problems, but Republicans don’t really care and are furthermore incapable of finding solutions. Republicans seem to exist to promote whiteness and to undo or hinder the good work of progressives.

Under the previous administration ‒ rife with corruption and malice ‒ we saw our country be the only one with the shameful distinction of withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. As the Biden administration prepares for us to rejoin this effort to combat climate challenges, it’s of course Republicans who want to focus some of their ire, of which they have plenty for all things progressive, on the climate agreement. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH) has crafted a bill that would ban funding for the Accord, effectively preventing the U.S. from recommitting to it. It’s typical QAnon party obstructionism we again see at work here.


Congressional Republicans cannot bear that we signed onto the Paris Climate Accord under President Obama, who’s guilty of being Black and a Democrat, and it really irks them that we are rejoining the pact. The GOP view, which aligns with evangelical views peculiar to this country, is that human actions don’t substantially affect our planet, and that Earth is here to serve conservatives and capitalism. One gets the impression that the QAnon party perhaps doesn’t care much for humanity or creation. The good news out of this is that only a handful of Republicans have signed onto this regrettable bill, knowing that there’s virtually no chance of passage with a Democrat-controlled Congress.

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