The criminal prosecution stakes just got even higher

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As Palmer Report has repeatedly pointed out, ethical justice department officials follow the letter of the law, so we usually don’t know what’s happening until it’s announced. This week a lot was made public. Four more Oath Keepers were found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy, including the guy who revoltingly put his feet on Former House Speaker Pelosi’s desk. That makes 10 seditious conspiracy convictions, including Oath Keeper founder Steward Rhodes, his ally Kelly Meggs, and the Proud Boys leader, who pleaded guilty.

There was also the bombshell arrest of the FBI’s former New York counterintelligence chief Charles McGonigalf for colluding with Russia to cover up the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. This is a huge story that implicates former AG Bill Barr and his handpicked Special Counsel John Durham for obstruction that helped derail Hillary Clinton’s presidency in 2016.

Then, there was the January 24th hearing for Fulton County Georgia Judge Robert McBurney to consider releasing the Special Grand Jury’s report on the investigation into Trump for election fraud, conspiracy, and other charges. Although the special grand jury recommended the report be made public, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asked McBurney not to release the report due to “imminent” charging decisions.

McBurney is still considering releasing the special grand jury report, which may not include recommendations for indictments. That’s because there is precedent in Georgia that prevents a grand jury from making such recommendations without making an indictment, which it doesn’t even have the power to do.

What we do know is, in addition to a recording of an incriminating phone call Trump made to Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, the special grand jury also obtained testimony from dozens of high-ranking officials. Although they never subpoenaed Trump, which his defense team claims to mean the special grand jury concluded Trump did not violate the law, these other “imminent” charges, arrest, and convictions indicate a Trump prosecution is likely.

It’s a nailbiter. The first indictment of an American President* will certainly create a media frenzy. The MAGA outrage could explode violently. But justice on the horizon.

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