The CPAC puppet show just got even more insane

After watching Ted Cruz (Q-Cancún) make a fool of himself attacking Big Bird the CPAC bund decided they needed to get in on the fun too. How, may you ask? By sending out a tweet banning Elmo from their bund meeting next February. They later sent out another tweet banning Bird Bird, Bert, and Ernie from that same bund meeting.

Of course, since the reich wing is not so great at the internet, they’re getting their asses handed to them online. Keith Olbermann pointed out that Bert, Ernie, and Sesame Street in general are too smart for most attendees of CPAC’s upcoming bund meeting:

And of course Matt Schlapp – the head of the CPAC bund – is whining about the new character who is being introduced on Sesame Street – the Korean-American muppet Ji-Young. Ji-Young was introduced in the hopes of combating anti-Asian hate:

Our world is facing serious problems. And how have the GQP and the reich wing in general decided to respond to these problems? By whipping up hatred against others who want to worship, think, believe, love, or live differently than they do. By kissing the Orange Florida Man’s (OFM) rear end and engaging in feuds against puppets.


Our country is so far up shit creek thanks to OFM and his GQP buddies throughout the country that it’s not even funny. But the reich wing would rather engage in stupid stuff like this in the vain hopes of OFM returning to office and gathering more power to themselves. The GQP has forgotten that the purpose of government is to serve the citizens and the common good, not enrich themselves and not as a tool to put boots on the necks of others.

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