The buck stops here

My heart hurts for the people of Afghanistan who will now be under a repressive regime made up of religious extremists. It was upsetting to see the country collapse so quickly after we decided to leave. There was no good way to leave the country, but we had to extricate ourselves from there sometime. President Biden did the right thing by getting us out of Afghanistan. If Afghanistan wants to improve the change will have to come from within and can’t be forced on them by anyone.

One thing that deeply impressed me is that President Biden came right out and stood behind his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. Unlike the former guy and the GQP, he did not try to pass blame off others or make excuses. He took responsibility for his decision to withdraw our forces immediately.

During his time in office, President Truman kept a sign on his desk stating “The Buck Stops Here.” He recognized that at the end of the day had to make tough decisions, no matter how painful they are – politically and morally. That philosophy fell by the way side with the former guy, who refused to take responsibility when things went wrong and has a whole party of enablers who help him avoid responsibility. We can now see that Truman’s philosophy is back in vogue now with the White House, and that we again have a President who makes tough decisions, and stands by them no matter what.

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