Texas Governor Greg Abbott is even more of a vengeful prick than we thought

Greg Abbott has proven once again that he is a vengeful and heartless wretch of a man, who would make a much better tyrant than Texas governor.

When Abbott signed the budget last Friday, he kept a vindictive promise by using the line-item veto to reject funding for the Texas legislature, in retaliation for House Democrats walking off and breaking quorum, blocking the passage of SB7 which would have totally overhauled voting rights. Republicans had added 22 pages of last-minute revisions, not only restricting and suppressing targeted voters (including minorities, the young, disabled, and those in large blue urban areas) but also measures nullifying votes, and empowering Republicans to easily overturn elections without cause — trying to sneak changes through in the cover of night without sufficient notice for Democratic lawmakers to review, much less public notice.

Abbott’s veto doesn’t even hurt his target — House Democrats deemed heroic by the nation — so much as Texas administrative staff and citizens, since Texas lawmakers are only paid $600 a month and obviously have other income. However, it could be devastating for numerous others having nothing to do with the walk-out, yet dependent on their state pay — many living paycheck-to-paycheck. Does Abbott care? Obviously not. He apparently just enjoys inflicting pain.

Texas Rep. Chris Turner, House Democratic Caucus chairman said Abbott’s veto was “tyrannical” and the latest of many signs that Abbott is “out of control.” Abbott’s effective termination of staff will cut off vital public services to Texas citizens, including child support payments, most all of which are disbursed through the state. Democratic lawmakers say Abbott’s conduct is unconstitutional, and they are considering legal action.

In another heartless move, Abbott vetoed Senate Bill 474 — the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act — which would have made it illegal to chain dogs outside with no accessible food or water. Abbott’s excuses were that the penalties were too stiff for his liking, and there is already a law banning animal cruelty. Animal activists were shocked by the veto of SB 474, which would have “clarified the vague language” that makes the animal cruelty statute “completely unenforceable.”

As a dog lover, I personally believe that anyone who refuses to protect dogs does not belong in public office or service, and should never be elected for anything. The former guy once claimed that dog owners have no class, and look how that turned out. (And golden toilets are so classy.)


Abbott recently vetoed 20 bills passed by the legislature, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. Abbott’s idiotic, tyrannical behavior is right up there with Ron DeSantis — constantly stoking hate, fear and divisiveness.

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