Ted Cruz’s journey into the heart of darkness

Fresh off accusing Democrats of “theatrics” for calling for reasonable gun reform measures in the wake of the Atlanta and Boulder mass shootings, Senator Ted Cruz (Insurrectionist – TX), looking like a modern-day Pancho Villa, arranged a pilgrimage to the Southern Border in Texas with 18 other Republican Senators that was not at all a stunt or political theater.

The serious Congressional fact-finding mission included cinema-verite style camera work, apparently filmed by disciples of the Blair Witch Project, as Cruz and Sen. John Kennedy (Imbecile — LA) breathlessly informed viewers that there’s trouble right there across the Rio Grande where a murderous band of cartel members were hooting and hollering and flashing lights in the eyes of the brave Senators, who also are certain they saw a dead body floating down the river.

The plot for this theatrical production was a bit of a surprise. Republican Senators, for four years, didn’t care a whit about the treatment of children at the border caused by the Trump Administration’s deliberate policy of separating children from parents and throwing the kids in cages — where they were often grossly mistreated or abused by border agency personnel. The failure by Trump, “the most Law & Order President ever,” to follow a court order to reconnect kids with their parents was of no concern to them.

Now, in a sign of the influence of Susan Collins (Dithering – ME) on the trip, they are suddenly “very concerned” about the well-being of unaccompanied children who showed up at the border and were taken in by U.S. officials — instead of being thrown across the border to fend for themselves against the murderous, raping thugs who had so rattled the Senators. The Republican Senators call it a humanitarian crisis, and now demand humane treatment of the children. Kennedy went so far as to say that the President ought to reinstate Trump’s policies, which were deliberately inhumane and contrary to international law.

In another plot twist, the Senators who delight in routinely flouting CDC COVID-19 guidelines on social distancing and masks, are distressed that the kids are packed together like fans at a Trump Rally, and therefore may spread the coronavirus throughout the facilities. If the Cruz documentary is ever released into theaters, they should call it Hypocrisy Now (A Journey of the Heart of Darkness).

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