Ted Cruz has meltdown about how “creepy” other people are

Mr. Ted Cruz, forsaker of the great state of Texas and fan of all things cowardly, is not yet finished humiliating himself. Flyin’ Ted is now complaining of how badly the press has treated him and his family. This appears to be weighing quite heavily on the Mariachi fan’s mind.

Appearing on the podcast “Ruthless” this week, Cruz whined about how “creepy” it was that reporters took pictures of his dog. Cruz also felt it was unfair for journalists to take his wife Heidi’s picture while lounging on the beach.

I, for one, think it is way more creepy how Ted Cruz kisses up to a man who disrespected his wife for her looks, but that’s just me. The “Senator” was also vocal about Beto O’Rourke who has helped the good people of Texas. However, that help was not what Mr. Cruz wanted to talk about.

Ted was fuming because people put up Beto signs on his street. This has caused Cruz deep and profound distress. Describing those people as “RUDE,” the whiny Senator said, “you know I didn’t, like, hold a victory party on their front yards when we won.” No word, of course, about how much help Beto has provided the state of Texas.


My feeling is that Ted did not mention that work because he doesn’t care about that work. He also does not appear to care about Texans. He is way more concerned about political signs. Cruz is a laughing stock and should resign. He most likely will not, but his Political future is looking terrible, and there is a very good chance he loses his seat in his next election.

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