Ted Cruz goes on podcast and makes things even worse

Apparently even GOP Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s supposed friends don’t think much of him. When his wife, Heidi, organized a luxurious getaway to Cancún while millions of Texans suffered in the aftermath of a vicious winter storm, she used a group text to help plan the excursion. This is an entitled, elitist family that rails against entitled elites, but hypocritical irony is lost on them. Also lost on them is genuine concern for their fellow Texans. As the Cancún fiasco blew up and details were leaked, someone privy to the texts shared some of those texts with media outlets.

Senator Cruz went on a right-wing podcast this week to kvetch about what his purported friends did. Cruz, of all people, said “Here’s a suggestion: Just don’t be assholes. Yeah, like, just, you know, treat each other as human beings, have some degree, some modicum of respect.” It’s really rich that Cruz, a notorious jerk himself, would call on others to show respect. What Ted and Heidi Cruz did doesn’t merit respect.


Let’s be clear. Cruz isn’t troubled that he made a bad decision and chose to go to Mexico instead of assisting his constituents (he left that job to Democrats Beto O’Rourke and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez). He’s only troubled because he got busted and then had to return to Houston to stage some photo-ops for a hastily planned apology tour he had no interest in doing. Cruz is no victim, and it’s unlikely his whining is endearing him to anyone. It’s uncanny that Cruz, who shows no respect to others, thinks his alleged friends and the rest of us owe him kindness. We owe him nothing, but we do owe it to good people in Texas to help Cruz find his way out of office. Cruz needs a heaping dose of his own advice.

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