Mike Pence is set to crash and burn

Former Vice President Mike Pence (insurrection party-Indiana) has precisely zero chance of being the Republican nominee for President in 2024. Don’t tell that to John Boehner, the former House speaker for the Republican party. Boehner thinks Pence should be first in line for the nomination.

But he won’t be. Pence is doing everything possible to have a shot at the Presidential prize. He has formed a conservative organization. He has made fawning remarks about the former guy. He has recently endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who I have nicknamed “Nurse Ratched”) in her race for Arkansas Governor. At this point, the only thing Pence hasn’t done is praise the insurrectionists, and who knows, that could be coming soon.

But MAGAS will never accept him. They hate anyone and everyone who turns on their beloved cult leader. And in many a warped MAGA mind, Pence betrayed them.

Pence will not get the MAGA vote, and he is way too conservative to get the independent vote. He has also become something of a joke for his continued sycophancy to a man who does not seem to care that his followers wanted to kill the Vice President.

Pence doesn’t seem to care either, which does raise the question of how he could defend America from foreign enemies and terrorists when he cannot even protect America from domestic ones.

So there is little to no chance anything Pence does will work for him. At this point, he is sure to make a bit of cash from his book deal. I’d say take the money and don’t run, Mike. You don’t have a snowball’s chance. And I suspect the former VP must know this as well.

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