Someone needs to have a chat with Mitt Romney

Never let it be said that showing courage does not reap the rewards. Especially in the case of one Mitt Romney. Senator Romney of Utah was the only Republican to vote yes for Donald Trump’s impeachment the first time. He also voted yes the second time.

The Senator took heat or for it too. Most of that heat was from his party, who were not thrilled with him. However, the Kennedy Family Foundation was pretty happy about it. And on Friday, they honored Romney with the “profile in courage award.”

This award seems to have been made for Romney. The Kennedy family created it to reward politicians and other public figures for doing something that may not always be a popular thing.

And that makes me wonder. Senator Romney, at some point, may run for President. It is pretty much known he was upset that he did not win against Obama. And Romney’s been somewhat calculated about his moves. In no way do I mean to take anything away from him, and I applaud his standing up to Trump. But like most politicians, he does have his career to think about.

And if Romney does run, whether that be 2024 or later, he will have to move to the middle in a general election. Senator Romney should do the right thing now and come out against this reprehensible voter suppression bill. He cannot claim to be on the side of the people in his defiance of Trump and yet do nothing about this bill.

Now would be a good time for some of the more persuasive Democrats to maybe have a chat with him. Romney, perhaps more than any other Republican, might listen.

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