So much for Rand Paul

After last weekend’s devastating tornadoes, political leaders in Kentucky reached out to the Federal government to request aid. Rather than fornicate around and go to photo ops at football games like the former guy would have, President Biden quickly moved to aid the people of Kentucky. In addition to Gov. Steve Beshear asking for help, Rand Paul (Q-Hypocrite) also asked for Federal disaster aid for Kentucky.

Following Paul’s request, he rightfully got slammed by critics for his hypocrisy:

Like Mr. Snell said, this is a guy who voted against aid for other states every time a disaster occurred over the past decade. He voted against providing relief to the northeast when Hurricane Sandy struck New York, as well as voting against funding for Federal agencies in 2019 so they could effectively respond to disasters. Paul even voted against relief for the GQP bastion of Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit the state in 2017.

It’s only when his supporters get hurt that this sanctimonious clod even pretends to care about the people of Kentucky. As CNN has said, disaster relief can make a big difference as people and governments start to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives.


In light of his past opposition to helping people in need, Paul should have drank a big tankard of shut the fornicate up and kept quiet in the aftermath of the storm. But there is a benefit to Paul’s amazing hypocrisy. Now even more people aside from just his neighbor get to see what an asshole the guy is.

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