Senator John Kennedy proves he’s dumber than a box of rocks

Senator John Kennedy (Insurrection Party-Louisiana) is one of the more strange members of the Senate, and in his latest remarks, he is also proving that he’s obtuse. Since the horrific shootings in Boulder and Atlanta, gun violence talks and what to do about it have permeated virtually every political discussion. And that’s a good thing because we need to do something. However, Senator Kennedy begs to differ.

Kennedy suggested this week that the issue of gun violence is “overblown.” But that is not all. He then went on to compare mass shootings to drunk driving. “We have a lot of drunk drivers in America that kill a lot of people,” the lunatic Senator exclaimed. “We ought to try to combat that too.”

“The answer is not to get rid of all sober drivers,” he added. How does one even respond to such a clueless and moronic statement? Senator Kennedy (who has always reminded me of a serial killer) is not qualified to even speak of gun violence since he knows nothing about it and has no compassion for the victims and their families.

But the creepy Kennedy was not yet done. He also went on to compare owning a gun to being Muslim. “When a Muslim jihadist blows up a school full of school children, we are often told not to condemn all of the actions of those of the Muslim faith because of the actions of a few.”

Honestly? The stench of the Senator’s words is so disgusting I’d love to see this guy expelled immediately. When comments like these are made, one wonders how in the world some of these people graduated High School, let alone got to the Senate. Let him continue to babble away. We will take action on gun legislation with or without the ghoulish Senator’s help.

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