Scott Walker goes totally off the rails

It is almost becoming amusing the things certain Republicans will do to get attention. “Desperately seeking relevance” is what these GOP members are all about. And one of them, in particular, has come up with a bizarre way to fight for relevancy.

That someone is former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. You remember him, right? Walker also tried to run for President. You can see how that turned out. His campaign was so awful he dropped out rather quickly.

But now Walker has something up his sleeve. He is launching a new project called “The long game.” The long game’s site features several pictures of the former Governor trying to look pensive. Here is what the long game is all about: “America is under siege, but what you’re seeing now didn’t happen overnight. The Left started its takeover of our colleges and culture over half a century ago.”

And this: “Instead of teaching young people to hate America, we will instill a new sentiment in the hearts of young Americans, one based on freedom and the values that made America great in the first place.”

Sigh. What makes America great is undoubtedly not Scott Walker. Nor is it Megyn Kelly, who has already tweeted her excitement of this great new plan. The fact that this “plan” says virtually nothing at all does not appear to worry them. How long until a donations page goes up, I wonder? One thing’s for sure: if Walker is behind it, you know this long game is going to suck. We wish Scott well in his continued quest to have his name spoken of on Fox.

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