President Biden’s approval rating is on the rise as seditionist Republicans bottom out

MSNBC’s Ari Melber reported Monday that President Biden’s approval rating has surged to 66% in one new poll, while the popularity of “Trumpy” Republicans such as Hawley and Cruz is heavily on the wane.

Republicans should be learning that a Trump endorsement is not very helpful after all. But is that because of Trump’s endorsements, or the fact that Trump just endorses lousy politicians? That’s like asking which came first: the chicken or the egg? Today’s Republicans have to be Trumpsters. Those who aren’t are actually censored by their own party. But I think it’s more accurate to say that today’s Republicans actually created Trump (with help from Putin): it’s the only explanation as to why they’re so beholden to the Trump monster that is destroying them from within.

Trumpism is also pushing independents (as well as Republicans who have any morals left at all) further to the left. Some Republicans have been pushed completely out the door. So I for one hope Republicans and conservative media just keep courting Trump and vice versa. Go right ahead and embrace Trump all you want, while doing nothing for the American people.

The reason for President Biden’s success is no big secret. He is just working at being a President, getting things done that actually benefit Americans, and leading by example. With Republicans having none of this, the sky is the limit for President Biden and Democrats in general.

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