Scenes from an American inauguration

See all those pearls adorning the necks of Democratic women of Congress as they stream in for the inauguration of Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the 46th President of the United States of America? That’s a nod of solidarity and respect with the about-to-be installed Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

A nod of respect to the first woman to be elected to one of two offices in the White House, a nod to being the first Black woman, the first woman of Asian-Indian heritage, a nod to a woman who already for years has inspired little girls.

Perhaps if a Republican woman is ever installed in the White House, either as POTUS or VPOTUS, fellow GOP Congresswoman such as Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Green Taylor of Georgia can pack heat in solidarity? That just shows the mawing divide between the two sides of the proverbial aisle.

Meanwhile, as part of the run-up to Wednesday’s inauguration, the Biden-Harris team – and they are a team – sent out a call to little girls throughout the land to write Kamala with questions, advice or just observations. Not surprisingly, many little girls of color wrote something akin to “YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ME!” What a moment to cherish. Other little girls of all colors and hues just said something along the lines of “WE’RE SO GLAD YOU’RE VICE PRESIDENT!”

Meanwhile, interesting how all of the sudden, all of the Republicans making their way up the stairs to find their seats don’t seem to have a problem wearing masks anymore. Gee, maybe that would have been a good idea, you know, a year ago…

And there’s a planned moment of levity for Joe Biden – at some point, some of the Democratic men in Congress have their aviator sunglasses at the ready to whip out and don at the appropriate moment. Can hardly wait.

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